MoneyLab #8

Like many technologies, the radical potential of blockchains and cryptocurrencies to revolutionise the way we work, trade, cooperate and exchange has narrowed as major banks, corporations, and other powerful interests claim this potential for themselves. What has happened to those alternative futures lost along the way? What about the paths not taken in the development of this technology? Or was it fated to be this way? Was this technology cursed from the beginning?
The next appointment with the MoneyLab8 series of live streaming events , titled Blockchain: Radicalising the Social Imagination is scheduled for Monday, June 22nd at 5PM CET .
This panel seeks to explore the ghosts and spectres of alternative possibilities, of the radical imagination, that haunt today’s landscape of blockchain experiments. In an era when blockchains are being used for the purpose of increasing corporate power, of consolidating inequality, or for new forms of surveillance and exploitation, are other blockchain futures possible?
:point_right: With us there will be:
The writer and researcher Jaya Klara Brekke , author of the B9Lab ethical training module for blockchain developers , and the Satoshi Oath ; Max Haiven , Canada Research Chair in Culture, Media and Social Justice at Lakehead University in Northwest Ontario; and the media theory and digital art researcher, curator, and practitioner Martin Zeilinger .
The panel will be moderated by researcher and project coordinator at the Institute of Network Cultures Inte Gloerich .
Special guests: Martin Mihajlov, Miha Artnak, Marina Markežič